Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paid2Tap?
Paid2Tap is an Earning Network, Your favorite social media influencer most likely works with us. We’ve established the reputation as the #1 Earning Network according to Forbes.
Where Are We Located?
Our address could be found on the contact us page but we’re a company based out of the Netherlands but we have various locations throughout Europe.
How we work?
Brands pay us to reach influencers like you. Revenue generated from us goes back to our affiliates. We love and appreciate our affiliates so sign up now.
How much does it cost to join?
It is absolutely free to join and we intend on keeping it that way. We make money because of our affiliates and our affiliates make money because of us.
Will i get banned if i have multiple accounts?
We take fraud very serious and don’t allow users to make more than one account. If you’re having issues with your account please contact your affiliate manager.

You still have questions?

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