What is Paid2Tap?

We are an earning network based out of Netherlands! We primarily work with influencers on social media platforms such as Facebook & Instagram. These influencers range from the top ten-percent of verified accounts to local users like you.

Small team. Big hearts.

CEO Founder
Willard Clarke
CEO Founder
Kevin Webster
Mattie Mcintosh
Eric Gates

Who are we?

Let us help you get a better understanding.

550k+ Affiliates

Over 500,000 affiliates, across 4 continents, with one shared goal: being the best at what we do.


We’re the best Network you’ll ever join (mean it). Our award-winning network delivers exceptional tools and ensures a real easy time in the process.

Instant Cashout

We send out 7,000+ payments every day

1M+ Shares

Paid2Tap has reached all regions of the world and has had 1M+ shares since launch.

Our History

  1. October 2015
    The Beginning

    The company is incorporated in The Netherlands as a PTY. Paid2Tap was estabished as a website where people could come and earn money for completinng everyday online activites such as playing games and using social media.

  2. April 2016

    A Netherlands app studio was creating waves in the app industry offering to clients like Tony Robbins and Snoop Dogg before quickly realizing they need to find the best mobile app traffic so they partnered with us. This partnership was essential in bringing the best offers to our platform.

  3. October 2017

    Teamed up with France-based web and mobile app development firm to create a multinational team.

  4. February 2018

    We’re rooted in experience, powered by teamwork and driven by impact, and we look forward to the challenges ahead of us.

  5. August 2021

    Paid2Tap has become the #1 Earning network and has been featured in top editorials such as Forbes and Business Insider. We're constantly working towards making our platform better and faster for our affiliates.

  6. September 2021

    Paid2Tap has undergone management changes within the last few weeks. With our new CEO Willard Clarke we plan to make payments faster, Have more offers, and allow users to cashout through more methods.